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Available April 2012

Available July 2012

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The Oath

Desire, dreams...and a choice that could spell danger.

Catherine Stone let nothing stop her from following her dream through medical school and into her own practice. Not her disapproving family nor society's strict rules concerning a woman's proper place.

The man who picks her up off the ice rink in Central Park is everying she despises; an arrogant, insufferable, wealthy robber baron. But there's something about Damon Delancy that gets under her skin in a curiously delicious way.

They don't call Damon the "Wolf of Wall Street" for nothing. He's accustomed to getting what he wants, and he's determined to wear down Catherine's resistance with relentless wooing. He also wants to make her see that her progressive ideas about a woman's choice in childbearing are not only scandalous, but could put her in danger.

When one of Catherine's female colleagues is found murdered, Damon is compelled to put his foot down to keep the woman he loves safe. But Catherine won't be kept in a gilded cage, even if it means having to choose between the women she serves and the desires of her own heart.

This book was previously published by Berkley Diamond in 1991.

Warning: Contains two strong, determined, passionate lovers who are destined to butt heads...and hearts.

Book Discussion Questions

1. What surprised you about Catherine's struggles to become a doctor? Do you think women physicians have it easier today?

2. What are the parallels between then and now in the fight for reproductive freedom?

3. Both Catherine and Damon are strong-willed people. Was Damon justified in his fears for Catherine's safety? Do you think he would've been happier with a more conventional wife? Would Catherine have been happier with a husband more like Kim?

4. What are Catherine's strengths? Her weaknesses? How did she change over the course of the novel? What of Damon's strengths and weaknesses?

5. Anthony Comstock had an astonishing amount of power for one man. Do you think one man could attain such power today?

6. Would you like to have lived during the Gilded Age? Why, or why not?

7. How do the times influence the characters and their choices? How do they appear more modern?

8. Who are your favorite characters and why?

9. What are the novel's themes?

10. In the end, Catherine and Damon chose to flee New York with their son, rather than face the possibility of being imprisoned. Did they make the right decision?

The Vow

The movie The Vow, with Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams, is not based on this book.

To shape her life, she may have to sacrifice her heart.

Hannah Whitby's dreams of marrying for love are dying too soon. Faced with backbreaking labor on her uncle's tobacco farm or a loveless marriage, she chooses the lesser of the evils. Perhaps one day she and Reiver Shaw will become joined at the heart, as her long-dead parents once were.

Time and again she proves her worth not only in the childbed, but as a helpmate in making Reiver's silk mill a success. Yet even as she earns his respect, the ultimate prize--his love--eludes her.

Only one man sees her true worth. Reiver's artist brother, Samuel. Yet to succumb to Samuel's desire to fulfill her, body and soul, could come at too high a price. As she fights a battle on several fronts--her marriage, her desire, and keeping the business afloat amid the escalating conflict between North and South--Hannah must come to a decision.

To break under the strain, or grow strong...and make the choices that define a lifetime.

This book was originally published by Berkley Diamond in 1992.

Warning: Contains a plucky heroine who learns her true worth lies beyond a man's definition. You may not agree with all of her choices, but you'll cheer for her all the same. Happy ending guaranteed.

Book Discussion Questions

1. Even though Hannah was married to Reiver in exchange for land, how did she make the best of her situation? What could she have done differently?

2. When Hannah agreed to care for Reiver's child in exchange for control of the silk mill, did this make her seem vengeful and unsympathetic, or was she justified?

3. Was Samuel right to let his brother banish him, or should he have stayed and fought for Hannah? Did you think less of him?

4. Did Hannah make the right decision not to cede running the mill to her son, knowing he might be killed during the war? What would you have done in her place?

5. Reiver loved his mistress for a lifetime. Should he have forsaken her for Hannah, and tried to provide his wife with the love she craved?

6. At the end of the novel, did you think Hannah lived a full, satisfying life in spite of all the heartache and setbacks?

7. What were Hannah's strengths and weaknesses? How did she change over the course of the novel. What about Reiver and Samuel?

8. What are the novel's themes?


Her will to succeed is unbreakable. But to find love, she must learn to bend.

Her father's unjust execution drove Honor Elliott to practice law in a world that believes she belongs in the background. She hopes things will be different in Manhattan with her new husband and fellow attorney, Robert. While he quickly finds work, she winds up writing contracts for second-rate actors.

An actress's lawsuit against a former lover sends Honor marching into Nevada LaRouche's office to give him a chance to settle out of court. When she comes face-to-face with the unconventional businessman, though, flying sparks warm their confrontation to grudging respect.

Another opportunity to represent a socialite in a high-society divorce ends far differently--with Honor left beaten and bleeding. Nevada comes to her rescue, but Robert shows his true colors by insisting she violate her principles to save his career.

But for Honor, retreat has never been an option. She has a chance to defend a controversial woman doctor, and she will boldly follow her dreams...even if it means daring to walk out of her safe marriage and into Nevada's arms. No matter what the cost.

This book was previously published by Berkley Diamond in 1994.

Warning: Contains an unconventional woman, a man who likes her that way, and an uncompromising love that defies all sense of social decorum. Enjoy!

Book Discussion Questions

1. Were you surprised by Honor's struggles to become a lawyer? Do women have it easier today?

2. Should Honor's aunt Theodate have flouted convention and married her younger lover? Would their marriage have lasted?

3. What were the warning signs that Honor's marriage was in trouble?

4. What are the similarities between Honor's marriage and Genevra Graham's? What are the differences?

5. Honor is a woman of high principles, and devoted to the law. At the end, she must choose between her principles and her heart. How will this choice affect the rest of her life?

6. What are Honor's strengths? Her weaknesses? What of Nevada?

7. How did Honor and Nevada change over the course of the novel?

8. Damon from The Oath reappears at the end of Honor. Seeing him through Honor's eyes, did you alter your opinion of him? Did it give him added dimension?

9. Which characters did you like the best? The least? Why?


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