Lindsay Chase

Historical Romance Author

About Me

Lindsay Chase's fifth grade teacher predicted that she would become a writer. Lindsay wasn't convinced. The horse crazy child also liked to draw and paint, especially horses, horses, and more horses, and thought she'd become an artist someday.

Her parents were relieved when writing won out. After graduating from college as an English major, she got a job in public relations with a TV station, where she took "B list" celebrities to lunch, and almost became a film editor. Next came a stint at a hospital, where she wrote articles for various publications simplifying complex medical procedures for laymen.

After her first novel was published, she left public relations behind and never looked back.

When not writing, Lindsay enjoys reading romances, mysteries, and whatever interesting books catch her eye; walking, exploring craft shops and art galleries, and going to the movies. She finds designing beaded jewelry relaxing, and satisfies her artsy side by working with color.

Lindsay, her husband, and their adopted diva of a stray cat live in a quiet rural corner of Connecticut where they are constantly amazed and entertained by an assortment of wildlife in their backyard.


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