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Historical Romance Author

Available now from Samhain Publishing

Available now from Samhain Publishing

Available now from Samhain Publishing


After all this time, I'm amazed and moved to still hear from readers who loved The Oath, The Vow, and Honor, three historical romances about Victorian career women I wrote in the early 1990's. Thank you. I treasure each and every letter and email.

I'm delighted that Samhain Publishing is releasing ebook versions of The Oath (about a woman doctor in 1890's New York City), The Vow (Connecticut's silk manufacturing industry in mid-19th century America). and Honor (a woman lawyer in Gilded Age New York) as part of their Retro Romance line. Read about them all here.

I hope they'll be discovered by a whole new generation of readers, and that old friends will revisit them in this new electronic format.

This website is a work in progress, and I hope you'll visit often.

Once again, thank you all for your kind words and encouragement over the years. They've meant a lot. And I hope to have something new published soon.

Book Discussion Questions

If your library reading group or book club has selected The Oath, The Vow, or Honor for discussion, you'll find some questions to facilitate that discussion at the end of every book's description in the My Books section.


Her will to succeed is unbreakable. But to find love, she must learn to bend.

Her father's unjust execution drove Honor Elliott to practice law in a world that believes she belongs in the background. She hopes things will be different in Manhattan with her new husband and fellow attorney, Robert. While he quickly finds work she winds up writing contracts for second-rate actors.

An actress's lawsuit against a former lover sends Honor marching into Nevada LaRouche's office to give him a chance to settle out of court. When she comes face-to-face with the unconventional businessman, though, flying sparks warm their confrontation to grudging respect.

Another opportunity to represent a socialite in a high-society divorce ends far differently--with Honor left beaten and bleeding. Nevada comes to her rescue, but Robert shows his true colors by insisting she violate her principles to save his career.

But for Honor, retreat has never been an option. She has a chance to defend a controversial woman doctor, and she will boldly follow her dreams...even if it means daring to walk out of her safe marriage and into Nevada's arms. No matter what the cost.

This book was previously published by Berkley Diamond in 1994.

Warning: Contains an unconventional woman, a man who likes her that way, and an uncompromising love that defies all sense of social decorum. Enjoy!


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